Message from Chairman and President

Be a PCB manufacture service provider with outstanding performance that surpasses customer expectations.

Our vision is to be a high-performing PCB manufacturing service provider that surpasses customers’ expectations. Manufacturing printed circuit boards is our core business and the direction we will focus on in the future. The two words "customer" and "service" in the phrase of our vision is to say the customer is the only reason that the future is there, and only by serving our customers well with good manufacture can we grow and develop together. Furthermore, what we provide is "high-performing" products and services. "High-performing" means "low cost, high efficiency, high quality, high profit", creating a win-win situation for customers and Dynamic! We will achieve our vision with technology, smart manufacturing, precise manufacturing process, excellent quality, fast production, and environment-friendly production environment.

Our core values are “Integrity, Enthusiasm, Customer's trust, and Innovation.”

Integrity: We insist on telling the truth and no lie, we walk the talk. We fully fulfill our commitments to customers; cooperate with suppliers in a fair, just and honest manner; never allow corruption or any faction to affect the company's operations.

Enthusiasm: We believe that enthusiasm is the driving force for organizational development. With a "responsible" attitude, each employee can further explore their greater potential, and be stimulated with positive motivation. The responsibility of "it's me or no one" and the determination of "mission must be achieved" lead the company to break through the current status and create a new picture.

Customer's trust: We firmly believe that the trust of customers comes from daily efforts. Only by always caring and actively listening, with high performance and assisting customers to create competitiveness, can a long-term trustworthy relationship be established.

Innovation: We encourage employees to learn and think. Through bold attempts, the spirit of getting to the bottom of the matter and continuous pursuit of innovation in strategy, marketing, technology, management, intelligent manufacturing, green environmental protection, etc. to enhance the overall competitiveness, and achieve innovative results with a highly-performed execution.

Our Business Philosophy is “Customer satisfaction, Quality Commitment, Continuous innovation, Smart manufacturing and Corporate Sustainability”.

Customer satisfaction: Customers’ full satisfaction is our goal. We fully cooperate with our customers' development strategies and visions, once we promise to do it; we do it at all cost, and even surpass our customers' expectations. We actively participate in customers’ early-stage development, and invest various resources to assist their research and development to help customers achieve their goals.

Quality Commitment: Quality is the basic requirement that cannot be compromised. Not only reach excellent quality through intelligent manufacturing and precise manufacturing processes; all employees stand fast at their positions, do everything well, keep reviewing and improving to achieve the quality commitment to customers.
Continuous innovation: Innovation is the key to our sustainable operation, and it is not limited to R&D technology, as long as the projects related to operation and organizational development need to constantly break through the current zone and process to strive for improvement and excellence.

Smart manufacturing: Smart manufacturing is the necessity of factory management to achieve excellence. We are actively entering a new era of equipment automation, information intelligence and massive quantification, bringing customers product value of short delivery times, high quality, high reliability, and high traceability. We are constantly seeking innovation and breakthroughs in the improvement of factory design and manufacturing process capabilities, hoping to bring growth momentum ahead of the industry, build the world's most competitive printed circuit board factory, and create a win-win situation for customers and Dynamic.

Corporate Sustainability: We define ourselves by "sustainability", and radiate our positive influence on society with the goal of both profit growth and sustainability practice, so that "the earth environment" and "social human beings" can benefit at the same time, and ESG will no longer be just a slogan, but a thoroughly implemented action plan; and the green and environmentally friendly factories we build not only take into account economic and ecological development, but also a physical practice of ESG.

We sincerely believe that a profitable company should contribute to the community by taking care of their employees as a start. It is the employees’ efforts that the company makes profits so the company can support those who need help in society. Employees being taken care of by the company to improve their life quality is not considered true happiness, true happiness is when the employees are able to help others and improve the lives of others because of the company's drive. Under the positive cycle, employees will be more proud of themselves and proud of the company. This is the philosophy that all our executives uphold when operating Dynamic.

「Want to」Team

If an organization is filled with people without courage, enthusiasm and wisdom, how can it continue to deliver good performance? People without courage will only avoid taking on responsibilities, people without enthusiasm are passive in everything, and people without wisdom cannot solve problems properly, we expect each of our working partners to have these three characteristics:

  • Courage: Take the initiative to take responsibility
  • Enthusiasm: Keep the goal in mind and stick to the very first intention
  • Wisdom: Capable to see the core of the problem and solve the problem correctly

The mission of all supervisors is to turn the “Have to” team who feels forced to work into an active and proactive “Want to” team, and change the mentality of all the team members from “have to do” to “want to do. Turning "Have to" into "Want to" does not require people to change their personality or thoughts. It is the their’ "motivation of behavior" that needs to be changed, and finding the meaning and fun of work is the way to do it. There is a huge difference between the two, not only is there a multiple difference in work efficiency, it is also the key to success.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is the cornerstone and blueprint that Dynamic has created for our partners. Huangshi Factory is a factory of automation, intelligence and information. Man, machines, materials, and methods are all in the scope of data automation. The entire factory is all connected. The aim is to root the competitiveness of Dynamic and its partners in the generation of industry 4.0. Dynamic will continuously build one of the most competitive PCB factories in the world utilizing Industry 4.0 and creating win-win for both customers and Dynamic.

Business Principles

Dynamic’s business principles are:

  • Follow the sustainable development roadmap of corporate governance and continue to enhance the corporate governance in all aspects, including: strengthening board duties and functions, to enhance enterprise sustainability, improving Information transparency to promote sustainable operations, advancing communication with stakeholders to create well open dialogue, keeping track of international norms to guide leading with stewardship, and deepening corporate’s sustainable governance culture etc.
  • Establish a corporate culture of business integrity, actively implement the business integrity policy and commitment, practically execute internal management and business activities, review implementation performance, and continue to improve in order to create a sustainable development business environment.
  • Give attention to corporate social responsibility; incorporate the various major economic, environmental, and social issues important to the various stakeholders into the company's business strategy and management; disclose exactly to show the company's determination in giving back to society.
  • Implement quantitative management on the company's business strategies, clearly setting the key performance indicators for each department, and regularly assessing their performance. Continue with internal control system practices in the various departments, ensuring that the company’s various operations are transparent and business strategies are properly executed.

In addition to becoming more robust, it is our intention that these efforts will also enable us to have more resources and capabilities available to undertake our corporate social responsibilities; better satisfy the requirements of stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, banks, communities, as well as government and non-government organizations.

There’ll be a day when I can no longer do this, that day is not today.


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