Human Resources

You are welcome to visit our 51job platform to inquire about our job vacancies or call the human resource dept. during business hours. We will arrange an interview within 7 days if you meet our requirements and will notify you of the result within 7 working days after the interview.

HR recruitment contact person:
Lucky Huang, Manager of HR Dept.
+86-0714-3501688 # 5660
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Establish employee recognition of the company

Dynamic has established various measures to enable the employees to enjoy a wonderful life, achieve personal goals, and reach the common success and development of employees and the company while making contribution to the company. Implementing a full range of recruitment accesses, such as online recruitment, on-site recruitment in the talent market, campus recruitment, internal employee recommendation, media advertising, labor service, school-enterprise cooperation, recruitment announcements, corporate internal recruitment, etc.

Corporate Culture Embodiment Examples

Dynamic adheres to people-oriented business philosophy and values all human resources inside and outside the company. We actively create job opportunities and organize recruitment activities for college graduates. It also provides opportunities for students from various colleges to intern and receives on-job training in the company. We are dedicated to talent recruitment, cultivation, and retention, which have earned us good reputation. As a result, Dynamic has the opportunity to establish stable partnerships with colleges and universities both inside and outside the province, achieving a win-win situation for the industry-university-student.

Hubei Province Employment and Entrepreneurship Advanced Enterprise

Dynamic and Hubei Polytechnic University’s Industry-University-Research R&D Center and Teaching Practice Base

Dynamic and Hubei Polytechnic University have established an industry-university-research R&D center and a teaching practice base.
Actively transforming new technologies into productivity. Regularly invites the experts and professors from the University to give lectures in the factory to improve employees professions and to reserve talents for the company's long-term development.

Internship base for college students

Salary and welfare

Salary and Compensation System

Dynamic provides a diversified salary system and does not hesitate to share the success of its operations. Additional benefits for full-time employees:

Provide performance bonuses and various incentive systems according to the company's production task goals

  • Sales Incentive Bonuses
  • Referral bonus
  • Probation Completion bonus for new recruits
  • Improvement Proposal Bonuses
  • Staff allotment, cash dividends
  • Employee stock options, stock options
  • Year-end bonuses
  • Retention incentive bonus

Welfare Dynamic is committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality welfare measures to allow employees to grow here with peace of mind and happiness

  • All staff are covered with six major social insurance programs and housing provident fund
  • Provide accommodation and meal allowance
  • Annual assessment of salary raise.
  • Annual promotion system
  • Birthday gifts and activities
  • Complete training and learning system
  • Holiday gifts (March 8 Goddess Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival)
  • Year-end lucky draw (Grand Prize: Electric Vehicle)
  • Enrichment clubs (Joyful running, yoga, basketball, table tennis, baking)
  • Team building activities

Encourage employees to enjoy lifeAnnual departmental interaction activity allowance, domestic and foreign travel subsidies, year-end group recreation, public welfare activities, and full subsidies for participating in various road running events

Employee career path planning

Dynamic provides different career paths to allow different talents to keep expanding their careers, and establishes a comprehensive organizational management system: management, technology, sales and customer service, and professional channels for optional development. Recruit coordinator will illustrate the promotion progression chart on the first day of recruits' employment. New recruits will know their current position and the level they can develop within the company and plan the corresponding development path in the future based on personal management and professional strengths.

Train different levels of employees based on company strategy. Base level personnel primarily focus on implementing work tasks. Management level focuses on development, innovation, and training with international perspectives. Courses are divided into six parts:

・Management course:
management abilities that different level supervisors need in their job positions.
・Professional course:
various professional skills required by staff in different jobs.
・General education course:
general skills that all colleagues require or training that improves work efficiency such as ERP, reports, communication, and internal controls.
・Basic course:
knowledge and skills that all employees require such as strengthening of company core spirit, promotion of new measures, employee ethics, guidance for new employees, and occupational safety related courses.
・Project training:
focus on improving company problems, such as special courses that improve a specific skill or cultivation of a specific person.
・Continued education and growth:
in addition to company planned training, this provides diverse learning channels. We encourage colleagues to voluntarily learn and share knowledge. There are designated areas on the company internal website where articles, technical data, and experience can be shared. In addition, we encourage employees to continue their studies while on the job. The company has not only hired foreign teachers to teach foreign languages on site, but subsidizes employees for short-term overseas language learning and participation in EMBA courses.

Build the depth and breadth of human resources through multi-dimensional promotion routes with various training systems

Caring for every Dynamic’s employee

Compensation,benefits, employee career development embody Dynamic' people-oriented business philosophy, every dreamer will work hard, live happily and join hands to create success together in Dynamic Electronics Co., Ltd.


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